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The Port of Tyne is vastly experienced in providing state-of-the-art logistics solutions to major manufacturers. In this era of new technologies, it is a key link in the supply and distribution chain for Nissan’s flagship low-carbon vehicle: The Leaf
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Electric Car

As the Port’s Chief Executive Officer Andrew Moffat says: “Renewables and offshore wind energy will be major industries of the future and this region,” and the Port is already well advanced in its preparations to operate at the hub of their infrastructure and logistics demands.

A designated safe haven, it remains open at all states of the tide. It has excellent connectivity to the entire transport network, and its landholdings stretch for over 600 acres on both sides of the river, with a portfolio of available riverside sites offering excellent access, services and deep-water facilities. Almost a third of this land lies within the NELEP Enterprise Zone, which is exclusively designated for low-carbon businesses and in which tenants will benefit from tax breaks and fast-track planning rules.

Nissan is just one example of the global household names that are already taking advantage of the Port’s facilities and services. Together, the two organisations have forged a long-standing working partnership that has seen the Port develop in tandem with Nissan’s worldwide success to become the number two car exporting port in the UK and the 13th largest car facility in Europe. The Port is now looking forward to supporting Nissan and other investors in the burgeoning low-carbon automotive infrastructure. The batteries and other key components for the all-electric Nissan LEAF will be imported through the Port and the finished cars will be exported from it to destinations across the globe.