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Going for Growth

Putting plans into action

Key to the Port’s success is its keen eye for identifying the opportunities of the future
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Going for growth

Following its impressive performance in recent years, the Port of Tyne has been busy preparing for new growth opportunities.

The Port already supports a wide range of global companies and local businesses, including Nissan, Ringtons, VW, Tata Global Beverages and Drax Power. By gearing up to meet the future needs of customers across the offshore, power generation, retail and manufacturing sectors, the Port hopes to create many more new jobs in construction and operations.

Increasing its developable land holdings is just one aspect of the Port’s preparations for growth. Through land acquisitions it has increased its holdings by 25 hectares and lengthened its riverside frontage by over 1,300m, all within 5km of open sea.

According to Chief Executive Officer Andrew Moffat, pursuing land acquisition makes a great deal of strategic sense for the Port. “Our location close to the river mouth means that our customers benefit from being able to ship their cargoes cost-effectively and efficiently. Acquiring more land and space close to the open sea is essential to meet the demands of our existing customers, as well as the new customers we are looking to attract in the offshore wind, oil or gas industries,” he says.

In addition to landholdings, the Port also has other plans for growth. Recent investments have seen developments to infrastructure in a number of key areas, including:

  • The extension of Riverside Quay to 900m
  • Increasing its container handling capacity by 25%
  • Further improvements to wood-pellet handling facilities
  • Provision of improved car terminal berths / increase in storage capacity